Site Owners

Digital advertising is growing two times faster than any other form of marketing. Grassroots tracks are notAdPlacement seeing much if any revenue from companies that want to advertise to your fans who visit your track website. Humpy is going to change that. We are proud to announce the Speedway Benefits digital advertising network (SB Digital Ads).

The idea is incredibly simple. Your track website gets a lot of visits from fans. And your fans are important to sponsors. We will sell banner advertisements on your website for you. We find the sponsors, we place the ads on your site where you tell us to, we will avoid any conflicts with your existing sponsors and you get cash. It’s that simple.

Alone no single track does enough web traffic to get noticed. But together our member tracks deliver 100 million impressions annually. 100 million impressions will get EVERYONE’S attention and open doors to major companies that want to advertise to YOUR fans.

A typical track like Carolina Speedway can earn $2,000 or more annually from the SB Digital Ad Network.

Here is how it will work:

  • We will place banner ads on your website in areas you choose. In most cases we can place the ads in areas you don’t even use
  • You tell us what sponsors you want to protect and we will not place any advertising on your site in those protected categories.
  • We will sell all the inventory.
  • You will receive 50% of all the net revenue we generate. Net revenue is the money we receive after the sales commissions are paid.
  • You will be paid based on the amount of traffic your site generates. So if one track does 10x the traffic of another track, it will be paid 10x as much.
  • No track is too big or too small. The key here is together we represent a tremendous opportunity for advertisers to reach rural America.
  • Speedway Benefits will handle all the expenses associated with the network
  • You can get out of the network at any time. Simply tell us you want to get out of the network and you are out.
  • If there is a “but”, this is it. Like the agreement you have with us now all we ask is that you stick with us for five (5) years. We ask that you don’t work with another company trying to do the same thing during this term. There is no one else doing this so this should not be a problem but we need to protect us both so we have enough time to make back our investment.
  • You maintain 100% control over your site.
  • We will send you a check on the first day of each quarter for your earnings.

Also, this network will help us sell national sponsorships for you as it is a very easy, efficient and effective way for sponsors to reach your fans.

There is more. As the network grows we will develop content to get more fans to come to your site and visit longer. This will grow your traffic and thus your revenue from this program.

Speedway Benefits works for ALL tracks. Whether you have attendance of 100,000 or 1,000 … race on dirt or asphalt … go straight or turn left … every fan counts the same. Together we are grassroots racing united.