Targeted_SEO-1024x1024One of the ways ads can targeted in the SB Digital Ad Network websites is through targeting. Targeting allows advertisers to choose specific distribution of where they’d like their ads to appear.

Segment Targeting
Advertisers can choose specific segments of the SB Digital Ad Network such as Dirt Tracks, Asphalt Tracks, Drag Strips, Drivers, etc .. to distribute their ad(s) to. An advertisers can even create multiple specific campaigns to be distributed to each segment individually.

Custom Site Targeting
Advertisers can select specific websites within the entire SB Digital Ad Network to have their campaigns distributed to. This allows the advertiser to narrow down their target market even further.

Geo Targeting
Advertisers can target ads at users based on their geographic location. The targeting can be based on country, state, city, or postal code. Geo-targeting is an important tool for local small businesses that wants to run focused, cost-effective ad campaigns.