1Motorsport Expands Its Team with One Goal in Mind. Focus Placed Upon Helping the Racing World Thrive

1Motorsport Expands Its Team with One Goal in Mind. Focus Placed Upon Helping the Racing World Thrive

Charlotte, N.C. (08/13/18) For almost three years, 1Motorsport has been the industry leader in online digital advertising for the racing world. By adding both advertisers and publishers to their diverse motorsports portfolio the company has allowed race tracks, series, media, and racing companies to reach their target audiences like never before.

Now company co-founder, Clint Doll is excited to announce that a trio of dirt racing’s top insiders are joining the 1Motorsport promotional team to help take things to the next level.

Effective immediately, Michael Rigsby of DirtOnDirt.com, Ben Shelton of MSR Mafia Marketing Services, and Tim Truex of Loudpedal Productions have come on board as consultants for 1Motorsport.

“The 1Motorsport growth rate has been phenomenal since the company’s inception in 2016,” Doll said. “We now have hundreds of advertisers and publishers onboard with the program with more joining daily. The end result is more exposure and more promotional value for the motorsports world.

“With Rigsby, Shelton, and Truex joining the 1Motorsport brain trust, I know that the sky is the limit for what we can accomplish. These guys live and breathe racing and are out there at the tracks almost every weekend seeing what does and doesn’t work. These guys want to see racing continue to grow and thrive for many years to come.”

For Rigsby, he sees the present day as a key time, when it’s more important than ever for the racing world to do a better job of promoting itself.

“It seems like it’s tougher than ever before for tracks, series, and businesses to survive in this industry, so I truly believe it’s imperative that we all work together to promote one another,” Rigsby shared. “I regularly advertise my personal company with 1Motorsport in the past and have seen the ads directly impact my bottom line, so I know that the business model truly works.”

1Motorsport has a unique business model that links advertisers, publishers, and consumers. The company sells banner ad space to advertisers in which their ads are then distributed across the entire network of motorsport websites reaching thousands of racers and millions of race fans. If the advertiser doesn’t have an in-house graphics department 1Motorsport will build the ads at no cost. The publishers also have absolutely no cost or work on their end to run the banner ads on their websites. Best of all, the publishers have then turned their website into a revenue generating machine and receive a 50/50 net-revenue split for the impressions that their respective site(s) generate, paid quarterly.

“Often times when we have a new publisher coming on board, they ask me what the catch is because it sounds too good to be true,” Doll laughs. “There’s no catch though. You simply place the ad tags that we provide on your website, and just like that your website starts generating additional revenue for you. Publishers even have the ability to make sure that there are no ads that display on their site that might conflict with their existing marketing partners. It’s really simple, but also really effective.”

In 2018 1Motorsport is on pace to offer approximately 50,000,000 impressions (or banner loads). This is 10 million impressions more than was available even a year ago. These are all seen by the motorsport’s target audience.

“What I love about 1Motorsport is that it allows racing people to advertise directly to racing people,” Shelton commented. “Every time your ad shows up on a website, it’s showing up in front of a person, who legitimately might be interested in attending your race or buying your product. Cross promotion is key if our sport is going to survive for future generations. I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of the 1Motorsport team. We’ve all come together for the common goal of helping our sport grow.”

The current advertiser list already includes national brands in motorsports, including GM Performance, Lucas Oil, Universal Technical Institute, QA1, World Racing Group, GottaRace, and many more. There’s also a full complement of regional and local brands, who are also taking advantage of what 1Motorsport has to offer.

Advertisers have unlimited options on the packages that they can buy. There’s a package to match any budget, and advertisers can specify the types of sites, where their ads are displayed. Perhaps best of all, the cost is a mere fraction of what most companies have had to spend in other advertising endeavors. Real-time analytics are available to advertisers so that they can track the progress of their respective marketing campaign.

More details about the expanded initiative for 1Motorsport will be released in the coming weeks.

For more information on 1Motorsport, please visit www.1Motorsport.com and please follow our social media channels at twitter.com/1MotorsportTeam, facebook.com/1MotorsportNetwork and instagram.com/1MotorsportNetwork.

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